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The pioneer of electric drive and control.
Professional AC drive manufacturer based on the motor design and manufacture.
My future is drive and control.
Faithful Culture, Innovative Development
Responsibility • integrity • innovation
2009.9.30 POWTRAN hold weekend salon and celebrate CHINA 60th anniversary.
POWTRAN international sales department colleagues.
2009 POWTRAN sales staff half- year sales meeting and journey on the world of sea
2009 POWTRAN sales staff on the wild amusive park.
2009 POWTRAN friendship basketball competition.
2009 POWTRAN New Year's sports meet.
2008 POWTRAN visiting Olympic Torque pass on ShenZhen city.
2008 POWTRAN staff military training.
2008 POWTRAN  middle year sales staff meeting. 
2008 POWTRAN donation for Eearthquaked SiChuan Province.
2007 POWTRAN staff beach tour.
2007 POWTRAN New year spring festival celebration.
2006 POWTRAN QingYuan Tour.
2006 POWTRAN MEN basketball Team and Competition.
2006 New year spring festival celebration.
2005 POWTRAN additional wild team activities.
Purpose–Provide comprehensive solutions, create value for society
Vision–Develop HI-TECH electric and electronic products, Promoting the national industry and make Powtran well-known brand in the fields of electric drive and control around the world.
Philosophy–Satisfy customers, enhance core competitiveness and glow together with Powtran.
Entrepreneurial spirit–Be honest, Solidarity and faithful, Unity &Fighting, Innovation and. go beyond oneself    
Values–Staff is the first capital, customer is the source of salary and investor is the backing of enterprise.
Outstanding Culture is the core technology of POWTRAN for sustainable business
Upgrading Values, people foremost
talents exchange, complement each other's advantages
Pay attention to career planning of staff
Attitude, learning and execution of training and assess
Glow together with Powtran Technology
Scientific Operation  Integrated Resource
Modern enterprise operation, on the base of 6S of OA standard----ISO9000 ----ERP managing structure
Dalian, Shenzhen and Wuxi Two factories and 3 cities
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