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Brake units
Brake units Features
Novel structure design; Complete upgrade of the software; Optimized production technique; Mature test equipment;

mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, municipal, metal processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, Injection machine, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tool, air-compressor, fan and pump, blower, air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system and other industries and fields.

1.For all brands inverter;
3.It could be paralleled connected, no capacity limited;
4.Allowable for the occasion with electricity fluctuation;
5.Special design, the ordinary resistor could be used so no need to use senseless resistor. Resistor box could be specially ordered;
6.Ensure the brake IGBT in saturation;
7.Protection: short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage, fast fuse, over heated;
8.Automatic track during the whole process;
9.Noise filtrated within all frequency range, no disturbance to other equipments.

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